Les 3ème euro vous racontent leur séjour à Londres, in English of course !

(actualisé le ) par Julie MARECHAL

Our trip to London

This year, we went on a trip in London with the 4eme euro and the 3eme euro.
Our first family was a bit special because we were fifteen in the house. The day after, we went to the Science museum. It was very interesting. We saw lots of things about space missions. We appreciated football matches in Hyde Park with Mr Hélard. After lunch, we went to V&A museum. It was very interesting too but the building was huge so the visit was a bit long. In the evening we changed family. The new one was cooler than the first one. The thing we preferred was the Globe Theater because we had a workshop with Adam, our teacher. He was very good and really nice. We enjoyed the day in an English school in Hackney too. We met lots of English students too and we learnt lots of things about English education. The coach driver - Omar - was very nice too. He put a great atmosphere in the coach.
Théo, Salim and Sultan


We left Suresnes at 4 am on April 22nd. Everybody was tired and at the same time excited. Our coach driver was called Omar. He was very nice with us and he put good music on during the trip. It was hard to say goodbye the last day. We arrived in London at midday. We saw a lot of a Museums like : Museum of London, Victoria and Albert Museum or Tate Modern, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, Science Museum...
The atmosphere was dynamic and cool all the time. The English pupils were very nice with us. We would have loved to spend more time in their school. But they came to visit us too on June 4th and we had a great day !
Saumara and Anne-Gaël

Our very bad trip
To London

Let’s start with the beginning : the journey to go to London was long and exhausting but we had fun with the driver, Omar, who was very nice with us.
When we finally arrived, we didn’t like the look of the buildings. But when we arrived Downtown, it was beautiful because there was a mix between old architecture and modern one.
We were in a « special family » : three little children with their young parents. Every time there were guests and friends to see football matches. The food was alright and we didn’t eat English food. The house was a mess but it was ok.
The important part : the museum and the day in Hackney.
We did a lot of visits : Victoria and Albert Museum, Science Museum, Globe Theater …
That was interesting and we learned lots of things about london.
The day in Hackney was awesome : we made some friends, we went shopping _ with them. And we learned lots of things in class and discovered the English School
That was one of the best days of the trip.
It was a fantastic trip !!!
Pierre, Arthur, Clément, Valentin

English education

My best memory in England is the day in Hackney and the Music class in particular
It’s my best memory because we could see another type of education, for example the English teachers are cooler than in France, in France we are 30 in a class but in England there are 18 pupils in a class.
I have preferred the music class because the pupils don’t have to sing, they have to compose their music.
When I followed the music class the teacher showed the pupils 4 Chinese instruments and the pupils had 30 minute to compose a music with this instrument.
All the children had mac computers and 2 synthesizers to create their music.
When I had to leave the class, I was disappointed because I didn’t have time to create my music.

Trip to London

We have spent a lot of time in the coach, it was long but very funny because the coach driver was cool.
When we arrived in the family we were worried because they didn’t know who we were but later, we understood it was the babysitter who had welcomed us and we soon met the parents.
In the family there was a black cat called Samson, a little boy called Mikah and a girl called Kyra.
Every morning we played trampoline with Mikah it was fantastic and funny.
Our favourite moments were in Covent Garden because we tested the famous frozen yoghurt, it was sooooo delicious ; and the morning in Hackney’s school and the brunch ; the drama activity in the Globe theater with Adam (an actor), he was very cool.
So, this trip was awesome !!! We really enjoyed it and we thank the teachers to have organized it \(^O^)/  !
By Oriane, Léa, Loulou and Juju !

London Trip

At the beginning of the trip, Julien, Gabriel, Nicolas and I were split in two groups, it was a shame ! The trip to London was very nice, we saw a lot of beautiful monuments, like Big Ben, Trafalgar square ... But best times were the free times and the journey in the coach ! (The bus driver was really nice with us !)
Julien and I were in a really cool family, the food was so good ! In this family, we could do what we wanted, we could go to bed at any time ! They were so nice with us too.
Gabriel and Nicolas were in a cool family too, but they were not very talkative. They were free to do anything, like us !
The day in the English school was cool and classes were funny (even the religious class, we played a game about God and Jesus …). The school was really modern, that was absolutely not what we expected ! The English school was so much better than the French one but pupils in this school have to wear a uniform which must be really boring.
Visits in the museums were pretty nice, but sometimes very long ! There were many parks in the city, which was cool, we could play football, etc...
As a conclusion, the trip was really great, we had lots of fun ! We would really like to come back soon !
Julien, Loïc, Gabriel, Nicolas

The trip to London

During the trip, I preferred when we went to school in Hackney and when we were with our family. My family was very nice with us, we were two. We visited a lot of museums and I particularly liked the science museum. When we were in Hackney, I attended an English lesson, Science lesson and Music lesson. In France I’m not very keen on music lessons but in England I really enjoyed it.
Our family was very cool and nice. We chatted with them every evening and we watched 2 football matches with them.
It was a very good week. :-D

Our point of view on the trip to London

Hi, our trip to London was very nice ! We have visited a lot of museums but the best one was Victoria & Albert museum because we ran everywhere to be the first and we asked questions to every guide. We have laughed so much !
I loved my trip because we had a lot of fun, we were always together and we shared the experience altogether. We had a good family too.
I enjoyed this trip, it was very funny and we had a really really good time ! Our family was very good and respectful !
I loved this trip, the family was very nice and we had lots of fun ; the people were very nice too ! I preferred the Shakespeare Globe theater. But everything was fun !